Injection Molding

We work to transform a customer’s design into a finished product. Our goal is to achieve the design and labor efficiency in the molds we develop and the processes we implement. We pride ourselves on troubleshooting molds and materials to help develop solutions to a customer’s problems or concerns.

At the core of our facility, we have 31 injection molding presses ranging from 100 tons to 700 tons. 28 of the 31 presses are brand new (2018-2020) Chens Hsong injection molding machines. Our newly refurbished facility helps to provide more efficient and higher quality products. Our new presses bring greater control and consistency over our processes. Our capabilities include mold changes and short runs with low lead times, typically within two weeks, and the capacity for high-volume, long-term runs. Our team has many years of processing experience and consistency strives towards continuous improvement in our custom services.

We have a complete tool room that handles all our repairs, preventative maintenance, and tooling modifications.

Contact us to discuss how our plastic injection molding will benefit your company. We are proud to serve clients both nationwide and world wide.