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Design & Engineering

Our customers rely on Cary Products engineering team to bring their product concept to life. We review the feasibility and manufacturability of your concept developing the most efficient and repeatable methods of production at a competitive price. Our quality and design and manufacturing teams work closely with you to ensure the product we produce meets or exceeds your design goals.

Cary Products utilizes 3D design software to fully develop your product concept into a producible design. These part models are used throughout the tooling build and PPAP processes to complete all design validation requirements. Our design team has extensive experience in the design and development of Mobile HVAC and Consumer Products.

Our passion is to deliver top-quality products on time and within budget. From Mobile HVAC Fans and Blowers to Custom Injection Molded and Thermoformed parts, Cary Products can bring your product to production using innovative and creative design solutions.

Our areas of design and manufacturing expertise:

  • Air movement components and assemblies
  • Automotive Louver assemblies
  • Automotive interior components
  • Custom-designed Injection Molded and Thermoformed components
  • Metal-to-plastic conversions
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