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Our mission

We want our customers, from start to finish, to have a complete production experience. From our design engineering support, tooling, all the way through the production process to deliver the quality production parts that our customers need.

our history

Our founder, Arthur Powell Cary Jr., established Cary Products in 1946, after attending Yale University and Oxford, as a novelty business. Cary Products originally developed newspaper holders, decorated boxes for matches, napkin holders, and even plastic clothespins, leading to the purchase of his first second-hand plastic injection molding machine. Arthur had an inventor colleague that was developing air conditioning for automobiles. The all-metal unit soon gave way to superior designs and plastic. Cary Products was right there in the beginning, quickly designing and producing parts for this flooding market.

In May of 1992, this industry lost one of its pioneers, Arthur Cary has since been given the “Pioneer Award” by the International Mobile Air Conditioning Association for his many contributions to their industry. Earl Armstrong III and Ray Norbury, two of Arthur’s nephews, have taken up management and direction of Cary Products continuing today with the company values instilled by Arthur’s leadership.

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