Plastic Injection Molding-Dallas, TX

A once humble supplier of gifts and novelties at its founding in the 1940s, today, Cary Products is a leading supplier of specialty plastics for Dallas-area businesses including plastic injection moldings, thermoforming, and wheel & fan balancing.

Experts in commercial and residential HVAC accessories, Cary Products sells plastic accessories all over the world from its headquarters near Dallas.

Here’s what you need to know about what we manufacture at our 17-acre facility Texas facility and how our more than 60 years of experience allows us to remain a leader in the industry of plastic injection moldings.

About Cary Products of Dallas, TexasCary Products in Dallas

The professionals of Cary Products combine experience and dedication to offer the industry’s most advanced injection molded components and assemblies. We focus on combining cost-effective manufacturing processes with high-quality components, and we understand that our success is tied to the satisfaction and longevity of the parts we supply for our customers.

In addition to our injection molding services, we also handle a variety of manufacturing needs including:

  • Assembly
  • Hot Stamping
  • Pad Printing
  • Ultrasonic Welding

Our head office features 83,000 square feet of room where we utilize today’s most efficient manufacturing techniques in a safe and professional manner.

Plastic Injection Molding

What is plastic injection molding?

The manufacture of plastic articles at a high rate that result in detailed and highly finished pieces in a repeatable process. Our injection molding machine feeds plastic particles into a unit that melts the plastic and then forces it into a mold.

Over the past several decades, we’ve refined our custom plastic molding process to utilize four parameters so as to ensure the final product is uniform when created in high volumes. Our plastic injection molding services use time, temperature, pressure, and cooling for a high degree of accuracy and uniformity.

Dallas Thermoforming

Our plastic injection molding suits high volume clients, but we know every customer doesn’t require the same volume of products. Therefore, we offer thermoforming as an alternative when an injection mold isn’t required.

Thermoforming ServicesWhat is thermoforming?
Thermoforming features a mold made out of resin, metal, or wood, which is mounted to the thermoforming machine. Plastic enters an oven where it’s heated to a point near its melting point and is then inserted into the mold. We use vacuum pressure to remove all air within the mold.
Our expertise in thermoforming products also allows us to offer metal to plastic conversion. With this process, you can reduce your costs, and you may be able to enjoy greater intricacy and variety of shapes through the thermoforming process.
Our tooling and engineering experts can help develop your product, or we can work with an existing product line. Our clients know that plastic is a fantastic alternative to metal for reasons of reducing weight and lowering costs, and thermoforming plastic can even simplify production needs. We’ve cultivated a wealth of knowledge on metal to plastic molding.

For more information about our injection molding services and MVAC/HVAC plastic accessories, contact Cary Products – 972.225.4271

Wheel & Fan Balancing in Dallas, TX

One of the ways in which we help our commercial and residential HVAC companies is through wheel and fan balancing, which features selection of the appropriate material for the project and figuring out how to accomplish in-mold wheel and fan balancing.

We have a patented molded process for in-process balancing for wheel balancing, fan balancing, and blower assemblies. Our Balance Master Testing Equipment helps us perform inspections of the wheels and fans in both circumstances where they’re on or off motors.

5 Axis CNC Routing

In addition to our expertise in plastics manufacturing, we also offer prototype molding through 5 axis routing. We utilize a movable bed, which allows us to move the position of the tool head and the stock at will.  Our 5 axis routing offers a variety of substantial benefits for plastic prototyping.

We’re able to make more complex cuts, which may eliminate the need for hand finishing. Additionally, we can reduce the number of setups required to complete complex designs because we can easily reposition the part.

Further, we can increase the speed of the overall process because of the exceptional range of motion that our cutting machines possess. We’re also able to reduce the number of setups required by conducting more than one operation on a single machine, which can help reduce costs and time needed for our prototype molding services.

Our process features…

  • Faster production
  • Lower costs
  • Improved finishes
  • High accuracy

Why Choose Plastic Injection Molding Components?

In addition to creating highly efficient processes for the design and manufacture of molded parts, we’ve observed a variety of advantages for clients who have chosen to use plastics versus metal. Those advantages include:

  1. Lighter components
  2. Resistant to sparks, mildew, and corrosion
  3. Can be less expensive
  4. Easier to assemble and consistent in quality

Cary Products: What Do We Make?Car Air Vent Manufacturing

Over the years, we’ve expanded our offerings to include the manufacturing and design of automotive air vents and louvers, blower wheels, and many other specialized parts. Here are a few of the products we make.

Car Air Vents & Louvers: We have decades of experience manufacturing aftermarket HVAC parts for cars, trucks, boats, and virtually every type of vehicle. Our manufacturing and design capabilities include air conditioner louvers, automotive heaters, as well as:

  • Heater cores
  • Diesel heaters
  • Electric heaters

Blower Housings: Our blower assemblies are used as the primary air mover in MVAC and HVAC systems, as well as an option to increase air output in specialized systems that need increased temperature control. Blower services and products we offer include:

  • Blower assembly
  • Blower housing design
  • Plastic blower wheels

Blower Wheels/Fans: One of our most valuable areas of expertise involves metal to plastic conversion services. These services are helpful for blower wheels, fans, and other products required for motorized and non-motorized HVAC machinery. Ways in which we can help produce custom and proprietary air conditioning products include:

  • Blower wheel & fan design
  • HVAC blower wheels
  • Industrial blower wheels

Significant experience and an ample manufacturing facility allow Cary Products to leverage over 60 years of experience in plastic injection molding. Our machines feature 716 tons capacity in 33 different molding machines. Contact us today to get started with your plastic injection molding, thermoforming plastic, or other plastic conversion services.