Cary Products Company, Inc., founded by Arthur P. Cary in 1946, is a leading international full-service plastic accessories supplier to both the MVAC and HVAC heating & air conditioning industry. Our head office and 83,000 sq. ft. manufacturing facility reside on a 17 acre site, which is located just 10 miles south of Dallas, TX. Our facility consists of 33 injection molding machines, which range from 28 to 716 tons. Within our manufacturing facility, our equipment and capabilities in production consist of Secondary Operations such as Ultrasonic Welding, Hot Stamping, Assembly, and Pad Printing. The Cary Products production team has many years of combined experience in injection molding and manufacturing from mold setups, manufacturing processes to assembly. At Cary Products Company, Inc., we are totally quality minded and take pride in our ability to manufacture with proven safe and efficient process techniques.


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Top 5 Frequently Asked Questions About Plastic Thermoforming

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